It’s raining out


Gah it’s been raining for 2 days.  I also haven’t ran since Monday.  Now  I have to preface this by stating, right now, I am only running 3 days a week.  Mondays, Thursday and Saturday.  I obviously need to run today but like the title says,  it’s raining.  That means I need to go outside, get in my car, and fight off the undergrads at the gym to get a treadmill.  So i really have no idea whether I will go today or not.  I know this is ridiculous and since I have ate like crap for 2 days now I really do need to get in the gym.  I also am visiting a “friend” (he has been featured in previous posts) and have a appointment with my endocrinologist where I will be bitched at regarding my lack of weight loss.  I think I may have just talked myself into braving the rain…wish me luck.



It’s Windy Out


Damn it was windy out today.  So today was my long run for the week.  Mind you that isn’t anything crazy…2 miles… but long for me.  Where I go to school we have this big track out on the one side of campus.  They call it the “Green Monster”.  Really it is just 2.5 mile long path that wraps around campus.  However, since this was only a 20 minute run, 30 total I took out the last half-mile.  My ass is broke so not having any food in the house makes it difficult to get ANY energy to run, much less that extra 1/2 mile.

Any which way I did the whole run.  I will say, the app I have been using since I started running during law school really is a ton of help with creating a work out regimen.  Adidas has the app called Micoach.  It is the best thing ever.  The trainer telling you to speed up or slow down is great for me.  I highly recommend it.

So the reason I actually said it was so windy out.  So I was out on this track and started running, I swear there was 30 mph winds out there.  Not surprisingly when I got around this one turn, which was basically at about a mile into my run, the wind was at my back.  There is a minute difference between my first mile (against the wind) and the second mile.  Ridiculousness. 

Also still losing weight, slowly but surely.  I may have also had a “stomach flu” also known as a bitch of a hangover this weekend thanks to the law school pub crawl.  I do know this highly unhealthy, so don’t do as I do.  All I know is there is no more drinking in my future.

Law school is almost done by the way!!  15 more days of class 🙂

Ahh I’m Back


So I swear I have not fallen off the planet and died.  I have been keeping up my workouts I have just been trying to get my bar application finished.  I am now officially going to take the bar back home in Indiana.  (Bonus points if someone knows where that song is sung)

So anyways I have been working out but the bad news is that my shin splints have returned.  My shoes only have 150 miles on them so I don’t want to replace them quite yet.  I have a three day break in work .outs so hopefully that will give my shins some time to stop with the stabbing pain. 

So I will be gone the next few weeks (probably) as I have a massive paper and the MPRE to do before graduation.  I think the countdown is 48 days 🙂  Only thing left to do is find a job…which is considerably easier said then done but by God it will be done

Finally, I am heading back to my favorite place in the world, the place where my Hoosiers live.  Why yes I am going back to IU and coming back for the spectacle that is Little 500.  I don’t know what will happen with my personal life while I am there but I hope it all ends up working out.  I may just wing it 🙂



So I’m pretty sure the people who planned this 5k had the distance wrong. That being said I will take it!  I finished my first REAL 5k in 35:50.  Since I had to walk bits of it I don’t know how I got that time but maybe I was running faster than usual.  I did really want to finish in front of the two older women in front of me.  My aunt was running with me and she REALLY wanted to beat those two women.  Apparently trash talk bring out her competitive side and I was along for the ride….literally.  This woman was speed walking and damn near was going faster than me at a jog.  Speed walking…REALLY?

Anyways, today I can barely move I haven’t done more than about 2 miles in forever.  Well in two weeks I go to Pensacola and do 5k there while I am on spring break.  So that at least may make up for some of my awful eating habits and drinking that will inevitably happen while I park myself on the beach.  However I think I have gained a few pounds although everyone keeps saying I’ve lost weight.  Fingers crossed it’s muscle weight?
 Any which way it’s probably about time to be obsessive about calories again if I feel like I am gaining weight.  Gah sometimes this all can be super frustrating.

But one a positive note, I now know I can finish 3 miles in under and hour like I need to be able to do for the 5k in Pensacola.  Wish me luck because it’s going to be nearly 80 and my uncle will likely be leaving me WAYYYYYYYYYY behind.  At least the water will be pretty 🙂

I’m Apparently Into This Running Thing


So by a series of random occurrences I am running two 5ks in the next 3 weeks.  This has all transpired in about a week.  See, I may have already mentioned but my aunt and I are running a local 5k this coming Saturday, but this afternoon I called another aunt to plan my spring break and it has been decided that I will go and visit her and her family in Pensacola.  Apparently there is a massive 5k fun run the day before I leave that my uncle and cousin are running and I have been invited to join.  So tadaaaaa!!!  I am running two 5ks in three weeks which brings my total number of 5ks to a robust…three 🙂

I’m mostly excited about leaving the dregs of Ohio and getting to Florida.  I’m hoping for sunshine and a good tan.  Coincidntally my grandpa will be there the same week so I am going to talk him into some deep sea fishing.  I mean seriously who doesn’t love the water?  Here’s to hoping for good weather and lots of sunshine!

Until next time…


Dieting is off for tonight


So my birthday is on Tuesday and therefore any plans to diet are quickly going out the window.  Tonight my friends and I have bought a keg.  Tomorrow I have a date (though what that will entail I have no idea).  Tuesday is my actual birthday and my parents are coming to visit.  All of this is followed up by next weekend.  While I am actually running a 5k in the morning on Saturday but then a bridal shower and my little cousin’s 5th birthday. 

What on earth is a girl supposed to do about all the cake and booze I am going to be surrounded by for the next week or so?  Oh well it is time to put on my big girl panties and knuckle down on this diet because I have not been doing so hot for the last week or so.